Weekly News Update

OMP 0.1.1 – Metadata Refinements

A new version of OMP was released today! Check the Install Instructions for how to install OMP.

This new update focuses on improving reading and interpreting of metadata. Especially when mass-reading folder and all of its folders recursively. There’s also a new section of the Configuration GUI for metadata.

Screenshot of the Main Content tab of OMP.

Change Log


  • Metadata configuration panel.
  • Ability to choose to prefer embedded cuesheet data or external cuesheet data.
  • Ability to choose to prefer a multi-file cuesheet’s metadata or the music
    file’s metadata.
  • Configuration panel chooser more reliably changes the panel when clicked.
  • Larger panel title.
  • Name column header for panel chooser is now hidden.
  • More tooltips in the configuration GUI.


  • Various file error crash fixes.
  • Duplicates of the same music files are no longer added.
  • The setting in the configuration GUI to deselect all when empty space in a row is clicked is no longer broken.
  • Bug that prevented saving metadata edits fixed.


  • The file reading error log is restyled, more detailed, and less broken.
  • The tab fonts are now much larger to fill the space of the tabs.

Patreon Updates

I’ve missed the early updates a lot recently. I’m sorry for that. I’ve better organized the Project Page for OMP 0.2 to help me get back into the 2-week release schedule. The workload I’ve dedicated for each two weeks should mostly allow for me to stay on schedule. Checkout the 0.2 Project Page for what updates are coming soon and thei projected release date. Remember, all early releases are a week before the date set on the Project Page!

A new look and the new Metadata panel for the Configuration GUI.

OMP 0.1.2 – Next Update

For the next two weeks I am going to work on resolving a few issues related to metadata. Here are the issues:

  • Unhelpful or wrong errors after reading certain files. These issues were primarily resolved with 0.1.1, but I’m going to do some more testing to help me make sure.
  • Add support for cuesheets with two or more files that have multiple tracks for each file. This type of cuesheet is generally for vinyl.

I’m also going to continue working on trying to get the Flathub build of OMP’s Flatpak finally released. I will upload an OMP 0.1.1 Flatpak here by next Sunday when 0.1.1 is publicly available.

Upcoming New Website Design

I’m working on a new design for the website. It’s based on the current one and will be entirely custom. It will be added sometime in the next few days. Get ready for a more pleasant experience on OpenMusicPlayer.com!

Weekly News Update

I released OMP last week as a quick hotfix for a crash. I’m still working on getting Flathub to publish my Flatpak. It’s looking like it will likely be this week, but I can’t promise anything about that. I can promise OMP 0.1.1 is coming in a week!

– DJ

Weekly News Update

OMP 0.1 – First Main Release

Version 0.1 of OMP has been released! Visit the Install Instructions to learn how to install OMP!

Main List of Features in 0.1 :

  • Flatpak support.
  • Official Arch User Repositories.
  • Gapless playback.
  • Plays mp3, FLAC, Ogg, Ogg FLAC, ALAC, APE, WavPack, and AAC(m4a container).
  • CUESHEET support (embedded and external).
  • Playlists saved in SQLite3 database.
  • Multi-row drag and drop.
  • Copy, cut, and pasting of rows.
  • Playback queue.
  • Front cover image support.
  • Program state upon clean exit is mostly preserved.
  • ReplayGain track gain and album gain support. (No analyzation yet.)
  • Playback of a track can start at the pregap or not.
  • ALSA, Pulseaudio, JACK, or automatic audio sink selection.
  • Playback follows the cursor(selected track).
  • Playlist looping.
  • Stop after current track.
  • Cursor does or doesn’t follow playback.
  • Simple meta editing for 10 fields of tracks that don’t use a cue sheet. Those fields are artist(s), genre(s), album artist(s), disc number, disc total, track number, track total, title, album, and date. The three fields that allow multiple values can use a semicolon to separate values when editing in order to insert multiple values! The only metadata field for files added using a cue sheet are disc number and disc total. Those metadata fields are written to music file in the DISCNUMBER and DISCTOTAL metadata fields and not the cue sheet.

    You can edit 1 of three ways:

    • Edit keyboard shortcut.
    • Edit right-click playlist menu button.
    • Slow double-click on the metadata field you want to edit.

Final Thoughts About 0.1 :

It’s really exciting for me to finally be able to release the first main stable build of OMP! While there are still many features to make and many issues to resolve, I feel confident I will get them finished with time. Thank you for your interest in this project!

OMP Version 0.1.1: Next Release

The next release will focus on code improvements and bug fixes. OMP 0.1.1 will be coming out January 20th!

Final Thoughts

Thank you to everybody interested in this project! The encouragement and support I’ve received online helps me continue doing this and it allows me to become a better programmer. I’m really looking forward to 2019.

– DJ

Weekly News Update

OMP Pre-Alpha 0.0.21

Version 0.0.21 if OMP has been released! Check the Install Instructions page for how to install it.

OMP 0.0.21 on has two small features. The keyboard shortcuts configuration now allows not setting a keyboard shortcut and it also now allows loading the default of a single keyboard shortcut. 

You may also have noticed some changes to the website. I’ve simplified and highly modified the theme I’m using. I will eventually make a new theme for the website that will be even better.

OMP Pre-Alpha Version 0.0.22: Flatpak Support

The only feature of OMP 0.0.22 will be support of more distributions via Flatpak! All there is left to do for OMP’s first alpha version is some minor bug fixing and code clean up! December 30th is OMP’s first alpha release!

Check the In Progress section of the OMP 0.1 Project Page for more details!

Thank you to my Patrons!