Weekly News Update

I’m really sorry about this, but I must delay the update again. It’s not ready. I’ve been working really hard on this, but I keep running into issues and figuring out a much better way to do something. Please bear with me. The wait will be worth it.

– DJ

Weekly News Update

Unfortunately, I have to delay this week’s early source release and the update in general. Although I have made some significant improvements to large databases working with OMP, I’m still not finished with all of the changes required and there are some bugs to work out as a result of the database being modified from multiple threads now. I just need more time to finish it. It was a larger change than I expected. Expect some great updates next week! Here’s a preview of what the new update brings.

Yes, that’s OMP handling over 32,000 tracks. The text “hghg” is the name of the displayed playlist in the playlist view. Thanks for your patience!

– DJ

Weekly News Update

Short update this week. I’ve managed to get reading of multiple genres and artists with a track using a cue sheet working. I’ve also done some code cleanup for the Metadata class that includes far more error reporting. The most important thing is I’ve started working on the large playlists speed improvements. Next Sunday expect a very drastic performance increase with large playlists! I’m sure more performance increases will come in the future, but this update will at least make 25,000 track playlists usable now.

Thanks for your support!


Weekly News Update

OMP Pre-Alpha Versio 0.0.12


Version 0.0.12 of OMP has been released!

0.0.12 comes with 4 minor changes and some code clean-up!

1st Change :
Click to see the full image.

The first change involves an addition to how Cursor Follows Playback can work. The Selected Playlist View Only option now allows only the selected Playlist View to have it’s next track selected when the track changes and Cursor Follows Playback is on.

2nd Change :
The Start At Pregap is now present in the System Menu and Menu Bars instead of just the Configuration GUI.

3rd Change:

Double-clicking the Status Bar now only selects the playing track in the selected Playlist View if the playing playlist is active. Triple-clicking the Status Bar will select the playing track in all playlist views with the playing playlist active.

4th Change :
The Undo Changes button in the Configuration GUI did not undo the changes made to the System Menu and Menu Bars. That has been fixed.


Final Thoughts About 0.0.12 :
This update is pretty small and not what I hoped to achieve. I was not able to identify the memory leak(Issue 16). I have some good ideas on how to identify the issue I plan to try. It will definitely be fixed by the release of 0.1, the first alpha version! I am changing focus from this issue to focus on other needed improvements leading up to 0.1! I will be making sure multiple artists and genres does work properly by the next version too. I have not fully confirmed them as working with tracks that use a cue sheet. Check Issue 15 to see more details.


OMP Pre-Alpha Version 0.0.13: Next Update

For the next two weeks I will be working on the next version of OMP, version 0.0.13! My main focus this release will be working major improvements to the speed large playlists. Right now, OMP gets pretty unusable or extremely slow when playlists start to reach 5,000+ tracks. Large playlists will be far more responsive after this next update! I’m excited to finally release an OMP that can handle larger playlists!


OMP Alpha Version 0.1: The First Alpha

I’m continuing to work hard towards releasing OMP’s first alpha build! I’m not sure how long it will take, but you can see my progress and what I’m currently working on via the Project Page for OMP Version 0.1. There’s a To Do section, an In Progress section, a Finished and Awaiting Commit section, and a Complete section! There’s also a progress bar to help visualize how close I’m slowly getting to OMP’s first alpha!


Thank you to my patrons who saw this post early!
– DJ