Weekly News Update

I was not able to finish the file adding improvements for OMP. The add by folder feature is not yet ready. I got sidetracked working on two pull requests and a new vital bug report on GitHub for OMP this last week during my time to work on OMP. The playback queue bug caused a crash when hitting the play button a second time after starting playback. The pull requests have been merged and that bug has been fixed.

I’ve combined the planned features from 0.0.19 with the file adding improvements planned for 0.0.18. Both will be released 2 weeks from today!  Thank you for your patience and sorry for the delay!

    – DJ

Weekly News Update

Here’s a preview of what adding files will look like with version 0.0.18 of OMP! Notice how there is a Folder and File mode with the File Chooser now! Adding a lot of files will be far easier with the next version of OMP!

Thanks for your patronage!

– DJ

Weekly News Update

OMP Pre-Alpha 0.0.17: Metadata

Version 0.0.17 of OMP has been released! Download the source here or install it via the official Arch User Repository package omp-git!

0.0.17 comes with OMP’s first metadata editing features and some other improvements!

OMP can now edit metadata for files that don’t use a cue sheet unless it’s the disc number or disc total field. There is also now support for disc number and disc total metadata fields!

Full List of Changes in 0.0.17 :


  • Simple meta editing for 10 fields of tracks that don’t use a cue sheet. Those fields are artist(s), genre(s), album artist(s), disc number, disc total, track number, track total, title, album, and date. The three fields that allow multiple values can use a semicolon to separate values when editing in order to insert multiple values! The only metadata field for files added using a cue sheet are disc number and disc total. Those metadata fields are written to music file in the DISCNUMBER and DISCTOTAL metadata fields and not the cue sheet.

    You can edit 1 of three ways:

    • Edit keyboard shortcut.
    • Edit right-click playlist menu button.
    • Slow double-click on the metadata field you want to edit.

  • Confirmation dialog for when OMP is closed when the database is still being updated. It will help ensure changes are not lost.

  • Disc number and disc total metadata fields
  • Keyboard shortcuts for stop after current track and editing.


  • General code clean-up.
  • Playlists are now backed up to help ensure no losses occur when force closing or something bad happens.


  • Default column sizes now vary in a way that makes sense.
  • Default column order is now more logical.

Final Thoughts About 0.0.17 :

I’m really excited to finally release some metadata editing features for OMP! I hope you enjoy them! I was not able to finish the improvements to opening files. Those updates have been moved to the next two-week development cycle.

OMP Pre-Alpha Version 0.0.18: Next Update

For the next two weeks I will be working on one of two more larger playlists improvements. Opening of file improvements for larger playlists will be implemented. Also, opening by folder recursively will be added. This will make adding new music to OMP far easier!

OMP Alpha Version 0.1: The First Alpha

I’m continuing to work hard towards releasing OMP’s first alpha build! I’m FINALLY sure how long I will take to release it! OMP 0.1 will be released DECEMBER 30RD, 2018. Even more exciting is OFFICIAL UBUNTU SUPPORT is coming two weeks before the 0.1 release!  That’s DECEMBER 16, 2018! You can see the full feature timeline on the Project Page for OMP Version 0.1. You can see when exactly each feature will be released there. There’s a To Do section, an In Progress section, a Finished and Awaiting Commit section, and a Complete section! There’s also a progress bar to help visualize how close I’m quickly getting to OMP’s first alpha version!

Final Thoughts

Thank you to my patrons who saw this post early! I hope you’re excited for 0.1 and improved importing of tracks to OMP!

– DJ