Weekly News Update

This week I made the Rename Playlist dialog window! You will be able to use the right-click playlist menu to open it, a keyboard shortcut, or you can double-click the playlist name in the playlist view to open it!

Here’s a screenshot with the new rename playlist dialog:

This week I will be finishing this playlist rename dialog and fix some bugs it still has.

OMP 0.0.19 is coming next Sunday!

Weekly News Update

OMP Pre-Alpha 0.0.18: Mass Adding

Version 0.0.18 of OMP has been released! Download the source here or install it via the official Arch User Repository package omp-git!

0.0.18 comes with the ability to mass-add all the music files in a folder. You can now easily add your entire library at once! You can select to add files and/or folders at the same time! It’s all done without locking up OMP until it is done!

Final Thoughts About 0.0.18

It feels good to finally have this mass-adding update out. It’s really helpful for adding an entire music library! It’s also really helping me test metadata reading in OMP far more easily.

OMP Pre-Alpha Version 0.0.19: Next Update

For the next two weeks I will be working on adding a rename playlist dialog, opening files from a file browser, opening files from command line when opening, and possibly fixes some bugs!

OMP Alpha Version 0.1: The First Alpha

I’m continuing to work hard towards releasing OMP’s first alpha build! OMP 0.1 will be released DECEMBER 30RD, 2018. Even more exciting is OFFICIAL UBUNTU SUPPORT is coming two weeks before the 0.1 release! That’s DECEMBER 16, 2018! You can see the full feature timeline on the Project Page for OMP Version 0.1. You can see when exactly each feature will be released there. There’s a To Do section, an In Progress section, a Finished and Awaiting Commit section, and a Complete section! There’s also a progress bar to help visualize how close I’m quickly getting to OMP’s first alpha version!

Final Thoughts

Thank you to my patrons who saw this post early! I hope you’re excited for 0.1 and 0.0.19! Thank you for your patience with this update! I appreciate everybody who cares about OMP! <3

– DJ

Weekly News Update

Unfortunately, OMP 0.0.18 will be delayed one more week. I am having an issue with recursive file opening that’s multi-threaded related. I am leaving for Detroit right now, so I don’t have all of today to work on it. I believe I know the reason why. I also still want to polish the process more. What’s great about this new feature is you could search every file of every storage device connected to your computer if you want to! You could find every supported music file on your computer! There’s also no separate folder and file mode now like shown in a past preview. The File Chooser now supports doing either at the same time! Here’s a preview:

I can’t wait to release this update! I’ve found it really useful myself. Sorry it has taken so long! It ended up being more complicated than I expected. Especially with the new C++ features I used that I had never used until now!

Thanks for your support!
— DJ